Monday, August 16, 2010

Anyone remember the hysteria about high voltage power lines?

Parents have fit over Wi-Fi in school.

PEARL and OpenBook 9.0?

Has anyone used the new PEARL camera with OpenBook 9.0?  If so how well does it actually work compared with a flatbed scanner.  As far as the number of errors is concerned?  I keep finding the same information about how wonderful it is but nothing remotely independent.  Curiously with all of these camera designs I keep thinking they're missing something.  How exactly do you hold the book open?  Only the most abused hardcovers I have will actually stay open by themselves.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Inheritance by Simon Tolkien

The Inheritance by Simon Tolkien this is a courtroom drama combined with a search for part of the true Cross. First the good, the writing is excellent . This is occasionally bordering on literature. Unfortunately the characters are all unlikable. By the end of the book I was hoping that they would all be punished somehow. Even the characters I was supposed to feel sorry for I really didn't. There seems to have been a lot of work done as far as making things technically accurate particularly with the trial. The problem is the ending doesn't really work. It's as if the trial, which was the center of most of the narrative was an afterthought in the conclusion.

Not recommended.

Note:This book was provided through Librarything's early reviewer Program.