Sunday, February 02, 2014

superbowl Prediction

Seattle by a field goal. Monday morning is spent talking more about the commercials than the game itself.

Saturday, February 01, 2014


This is the documentary released to much fanfare to netflix a couple of weeks back.  Supposedly an inside look at the Romney campaign.  Instead it's much more smaller and superficial than I had expected.  There are several sequences which are simply the Romney family hugging and or praying together.  Instead of getting any real emotional connection with the candidate there's him looking pensive or cracking jokes.

As far as the politics side goes there are one or two telling moments.  A snippet from the 08 campaign where he says if he's labeled as a flip flopper are he's a flawed candidate.  There's no explanation of what in the four years between that and the 2012 election they did to try to deal with that charge.

We also get a chunk of the 47% video than Romney in debate prep trying to deal with the fallout but that's it.  The same with Benghazi though it is possible to hear one of the family members saying that it was a mistake and that they were wrong.  Which is interesting considering the attempts to revisit the story by some on the right.

All and all happy this came with my netflix subscription and I didn't pay any extra for it.