Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The daVinci code and Catholic public relations

Saw the daVinci code last night certainly not Citizen Kane by any means but not the stinker the reviews made it out to be. Much like the book it was a serviceable thriller. For my money the Day of the Jackal was a much better thriller book/movie combination.

As a news junkie I am particularly fascinated by the Catholic churches response to the book and now the film. It strikes me that there are two reasons for why the church has bungled this one. They seem to be more worked up over this fictional book then they were over the child sexual abuse cover-up.

First of all why even bring it up this is a fictional work after all. If anyone loses their faith over this it evidently their faith wasn't particularly strong enough to begin with. It is after all what faith means as opposed to science

Second of all through the church sending out there PR minions to criticize the book/movie gives this a load of credibility. To be blunt Holocaust historians do not debate Holocaust deniers they do not dignify them with the response. The church shouldn't either.




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