Friday, November 24, 2006

Some questions for Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada

Are there Quebecois a outside of Quebec and a strip of Ontario?

What about the francophones in northern Alberta?

Were you just blowing smoke or do you actually mean it?

If you did mean it what powers you giveing them?

What about the native peoples, Hutterites etc.?

Can I form a nation inside Canada? Those that know me can probably guess the official national costume.

Just what other parts of the Reform Party tradition are you getting rid of?

Weren't you against Meech Lake and Charlottetown?

Wouldn't this mean that calling Quebec a "distinct society" in the constitution would be a step backwards now?

Do you really think you can rebuild Brian Mulroney's big coalition?

Remember how much the west was enraged by Mulroney pandering to Quebec?

Wasn't that why you helped Preston Manning to create the Reform Party?

Does it worry you just a little that Andrew Coyne and Warren Kinsella both agree this is a stupid idea?

Did you actually do any polling before this step?

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