Friday, April 06, 2007

New US Army uniform bad idea

Apparently those who designed the new U.S. Army uniform [the Army Combat Uniform] weren't terribly bright. This review describes the good, bad and ugly aspects of it. Perhaps most terrifying is that it's made from 50% cotton and 50% nylon. Let me repeat that it's made from 50% nylon! When I was in Boy Scouts we were being constantly warned about nylon and fire. Apparently these idiots never received the memo. Now they have to hand out tan Nomex flight suits to at risk personnel.

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Adira said...

Canadian uniforms are similiar. In fact, someone just mentioned to me today her hubby was "burning the threads" at the boot part of his pants (that tuck inside the boots) and an hour later, he went back only to discover half of his boot leg part on the pant was missing... yea, it kept burning silently. Apparantely the soldiers have been warned of this happening but not everyone got that memo it seems :)

It is supposed to help the uniform dry faster and to keep out the dirt/dust more easily.