Saturday, May 05, 2007

New blog in the sidebar

Usually when I come across a new blog I read a few weeks of postings then decide whether or not to read it from now on. So it's very unusual for me to actually go through posts back to 2005 and there are over 1000 of them. The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent is that good The author is a senior editor at the American Science Fiction Book Club and puts out excellent reviews of science fiction, fantasy and mystery material. I've wanted to reconnect with science fiction something I haven't purchased a lot of lately. When navigating the field this is an excellent resource. He has a larger TBR pile then I do which somehow makes me feel better about myself. It doesn't hurt that I tend to agree with his perspectives on publishing and the state of the genre [for instance the recent controversy over female representation in magazines and awards lists]. Anyway good reading.

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