Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Battle of Algiers: A Memoir by Ted Morgan

My Battle of Algiers: A Memoir by Ted Morgan Is a memoir of the authors a journalists experience in the French military. He was conscripted. After going through basic training he ended up in a dysfunctional unit where he ended up beating a prisoner to death. After this he was transferred to Algiers to work on a propaganda newspaper. The book contains an excellent short history of the conflict from beginning to end.

The question of torture comes up quite a bit.Morgan suggests that it was successful but destroyed French legitimacy. He doesn't discuss how much time was wasted chasing down bad information extracted. A very interesting look at the Algerian war.


Is available through Abebooks.

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abookisabookisabook said...

Very interesting.
I have just finished reading a section on that conflict in Rupert Smith's The Utility of Force.

jmnlman said...

I'll have to look for that.