Friday, January 11, 2008

The Secret History of the Iraq War by Yossef Bodansky

The Secret History of the Iraq War by Yossef Bodansky. There are very few books that I will abandon midway through. This is one of them. I knew I was in for a rough ride when on the first page Bodansky gives a completely unsupported timeline for Iraq's WMD program. He thinks it existed all the way up to 2003. It gets stranger from their. Saddam gave the Palestinians chemical weapons. Iraq, Iran, the Palestinians and Egypt were about to attack Israel to preempt the American invasion. Sure they were. Of course no one actually is willing to go on the record discussing this barroom fantasy, fearing torture! Avoid like the plague. Garbage simply garbage.

Run in the opposite direction!

Is available through Abebooks if you'd like some BS.

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