Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse by Michael Gerber

Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse by Michael Gerber is the third and presumably last book in this series of parodies of Harry Potter. The storyline such as it is directly follows from the last book. Barry is trying to get rid of a curse. To do this he must revisit his teenage years. The laughs are a little thinner on the ground in this compared to the others but it's still quite enjoyable. I could point out some seeming inconsistencies between the timeline described in book 1 and this book but there really doesn't seem to be much point. Then I'd actually be taking it seriously. It's rather hard to do that with a book that makes fun of the copyright notice and informs us the author needed to write this book because he lost all his money from the first two to a mouse. The humor is quite juvenile those easily offended should avoid. All and all a decent enough conclusion to this trilogy.

Highly recommended!

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