Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guerrilla in Striped Pants by Walter W. Orebaugh

Guerrilla in Striped Pants by Walter W. Orebaugh is the memoir of an American consul who joined the Italian resistance. He was captured in Monaco after setting up an American consulate. After being moved to various locations in Italy he escaped when the Italian government fell. He joined up with the guerrillas. He participated in several attacks while trying to gain material support from the allies. He ended up making a perilous journey through the enemy and allied lines. The final leg involving a sailboat. He received the Medal of Freedom for his efforts.

The memoir has the usual fictional flourishes that are so common today. Even after 40 years he is writing down dialogue in quotation marks which certainly suggests a very good memory. Orebaugh comes off as a rather disagreeable person either complaining about things which really aren't so bad [his internment by the Italians in relatively well-off quarters for example] or bragging about his accomplishments. In an appendices are his medal citation and an excerpt from a State Department report. There is also a rather positive portrayal of the peasants as well.

Recommended an interesting account from the Italian campaign.

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