Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Saga of Beowulf by R. Scot Johns

The Saga of Beowulf by R. Scot Johns is a massive retelling of the mediaeval poem in prose. This ways in at over 600 pages of small print. Johns' stays closely to the source material. There has also been an attempt to provide historically accurate framing. Things like armor and architecture. This is not a light read. In fact it's taken me several months to get through. I found that I had to be in the right mood for it. There's a lot here that does need to be read carefully. The only criticism I had of it is, there as frequent over writing. Something that could be described in a few sentences gets a page or more. Fortunately the descriptions are interesting. All and all a delightful retelling.


Note: this copy was provided by the author for review.

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R. Scot Johns said...

Hey Jeremy,
Glad you made it through, and thanks for posting the review. At 600 pages, at least you get your money's worth!