Monday, July 27, 2009

Military history books in Edmonton

Here are some short thoughts on the bookstores in Edmonton. In no particular order.

Audreys Books independent bookstore so these are pretty close to list price. Nice selection of titles with a very knowledgeable staff. When one of their employees [unfortunately I forgot her name] realized I was looking at Osprey titles she pulled out a stack of them and brought them over.

Bellum Books specializes in military history 18th century through the 19th, some Canadian material, WWI, WWII. By appointment only I was worried that there wouldn't be anything in my price range but there was. Very nice owner we chatted for longer than I looked at the books. Cash/personal check only.

Alhambra books massive WWII section with smaller ones on Napoleonic, WWI, Vietnam and American civil war. Friendly owner she actually stayed open for a little while after closing time. Selection runs the gamut from Time Life dreck to some very unusual titles. Pricing is dead on 50% of list which for some is optimistic.

Greenwoods if you search online you'll come across many references to this bookstore. Very disappointing selection, seemed to be running out of stock in many sections books are face out.

Wee Book Inn there are 4 locations. We looked at 2 of them. Mostly paperback fiction very little history let alone military. My friend who was looking for romance and Canadian fiction did quite well.

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