Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Maybe just maybe the system worked

I do have to scratch my head at the immigration case of Rochelle Wallis. She's the Canadian being deported from the UK under the new law against forced marriages. My problem isn't about the law itself but rather how the story is being covered. This BBC story is typical. The CBC did much the same story in July.

From the CBC story we learn the following, Rochelle Wallis is 19.
"The pair decided to get married last year when she visited him in his village of Pontrhydygroes, Wales. The couple met two years earlier in Canada and remained in touch."
Now I'm just a guy who reads a lot of military history but I'm pretty sure that would make her 16 when they met. I wonder how old the husband is? Oh wait it's buried at the bottom.
"Adam Wallis, 28, recently got a job as an electrical technician in Wales, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported."
Hmmm 25 year old meets up with 16 year old. You know for once I agree with the apparatchiks.

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