Monday, February 25, 2013

Daytona 500 and the Oscars

Because at this point I'm just too lazy to do two posts so we're going to do this in one. Although I will actually put them in separate paragraphs so feel free to skip to the one you're interested in.

Without Denica or the Toyota engine fiasco the commentators would of had absolutely nothing to talk about in the Great American Race. Driving around in a single line for 180 laps or so isn't what I call racing. If things are this bad at the intermediate tracks then this is going to be one very long season.

The Oscars I wasn't a big fan of who one. Being a  Canadian I'm annoyed by Argo's creative use of history. Certainly not the first time Canadians were cutout of the historical record. Life of Pi also annoyed me as well. Again for the same  Canadian reasons.

I wasn't exactly a fan of  Seth MacFarlane hosting. He has his standard half-dozen or so comedic bits and I wasn't sure they were going to mesh well with the telecast. Yes the boobs song was funny. I see that the left-wing indignation machine has ramped up. I expect this sort of nonsense from the right. Twist something around out of context then turn it into a strawman then pound away at it for a while. It just means in the future I won't be taking these people seriously. Cry Wolf et cetera.

The Clooney joke was not about the little kid. I repeat that it was not about the little kid. It was about Clooney's tendency to dispose of his "arm candy" which do tend to be quite a bit younger than him but legal. If anything I would have thought that feminists would've been applauding the joke not complaining about it.

There also seems to be quite a bit of rage that many of the reporters couldn't pronounce 
Quvenzhan√© Walli's name. This is not all that unusual. There's a tendency to do this with any name that's outside of the usual Anglo family. Do we really think that if say an actress from Ukraine had been up for an award they would've been pronouncing her name flawlessly? Heck during the red carpet show I had a miserable time pronouncing Kristin Chenoweth. Yes they should've done their homework and practiced it that's being a professional but to somehow extend this to racism/misogyny seems a bit much.

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