Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Counterinsurgency Pitfall

restraint almost cost me my life sets out a rather bizarre thesis that since the insurgents don't fight fair the government shouldn't be made two either. As Sir Robert Thompson points out repeatedly in his writings a government that does not maintain the rule of law does not deserve the name Government. When you lose your credibility you're finished. Then it is no longer a insurgency is a Civil War. And you will lose [see Vietnam and Algeria]. Unless the government is completely incompetent it will have all sorts of advantages that the insurgency will not. It should use these advantages.


Sissy Willis said...

Only that's not what I said. I was talking about the question of how much rules of engagement have contributed to the context -- not the justification -- of what may or may not have happened at Haditha.

jmnlman said...

except the rules of engagement are the point in a counterinsurgency situation. The counterinsurgent has to show restraint or they lose credibility. This isn't just something Americans with their as you called them "fifth column" have to deal with it is something that every counterinsurgent does.