Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Voting is the work of the Devil

or at least according to this "Christian" homeschooling mother of 10[apparently getting headaches or crossing her legs isn't an option]. She had this to say when asked what would be the one thing she would change.
I would remove women’s suffrage, and I might even consider making voting rights tied to property ownership.

So presumably this means that women would be not allowed to own property either. Here's some more from a response to some questions from visitors.

About woman’s suffrage…I think it’s a matter of covenantal thinking and headship. If womenar ebiblically to be under the headship of husbands and fathers, then those men are to represent the household when it comes to voting. Pieter was a judge at a polling place in a recent election here, and he told of several couples that came in who were registered for different political parties and ostensibly cancelled out each other’s votes. I think Nickey has a point about women who are heads of households for various reasons, but Deborah’s exception notwithstanding, men are to be the elders sitting in the gates, guiding public affairs; yet we find Christian women today having no compunctions about running for political offices and seeking leadership as “ministers” of governmental affairs. I’m obviously not against women having opinions or giving godly wisdom and counsel in certain spheres, but I believe that the feminization of both the church and the political realm is related to the increased
involvement of women through voting and policy decision making. As for property ownership: I thinkthta the welfare state has become such a problem because of the ability of people to vote themselves largesse; property owners are often much more rooted and less likely to vote for politicians who advocate the theft of their property, thus creating a much more stable economy and society. Others have written extensively on this, but that’s my controversial position in a nutshell.

Not too sure about the property owner business after all the members of the assembly in the Athenian democracy were property owners and they certainly were willing to involve themselves in harebrained schemes. The invasion of Sicily for one. Never particularly understood the argument about stability equaling land ownership. Although I'm sure the counterargument would involve mention that the Greeks were pagan after all.

Took a quick glance around and notice that apparently two of her offspring want to end up in the U.S. Air Force. Something tells me a female commanding officer is going to have a lot of paperwork to fill out about these two little gems, if there anything like Mom. Insubordination to start with.

As an interesting aside the British suffragettes often would use terrorism to make their point.

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