Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Mouse That Roared by Leonard Wibberley

The Mouse That Roared by Leonard Wibberley is a satire about the Cold War. This was originally published 50 years ago and is now been recently republished. It tells the story of the only English-speaking territory within Europe the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. Which is enraged after an American winery start selling wine using their name [sounds like the EU today].

They figure by declaring war on the Americans they will be quickly defeated and rebuilt with their own version of the Marshall plan. Through a series of improbable events they end up defeating the Americans.

An excellent satire that is still funny today. Particularly if you know some of the Cold War history but even if not still an amusing book.


Is available through Abebooks.

I also reviewed the second book in the series The Mouse on the Moon.

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