Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ancient Iraq by Georges Roux

Ancient Iraq by Georges Roux is a superb introduction to the ancient history of Mesopotamia. This is a third edition which has been substantially changed from earlier ones.

The work describes Mesopotamia history from the time before written records through the territory being conquered by Alexander the Great and the Romans. Mostly it is a discussion of Sumer and Babylon. We get a clear discussion of archaeological evidence as well as material from day-to-day records, inscriptions and narrative history. The book makes all this material understandable and easy to follow which considering the thousands of years covered is an achievement.

Where the evidence exists there is discussion of military, political and social history. There's even a little bit of mathematical, medical and art history as well. The last 70 pages consist of endnotes with detailed suggestions for further reading and commentary on the sources.

I cannot recommend this more highly. A truly superb work.

Is available through Abebooks.

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