Friday, January 26, 2007

The Next Century by David Halberstam

The Next Century by David Halberstam this was published after the Soviets pulled out of eastern Europe but before the Soviet union disintegrated. It's Halberstam's attempt to explain how the cold war allowed the Japanese to take economic gains against the Americans. Funny thing is if you just replace Japan with China you here the same things today.

The first half of the book talks about Eastern Europe and just how decrepit it was.

Halberstam seems to be a little to excited about the Japanese. He talks about the extremely difficult school system. Failing to mention the high suicide rate. A lot of it comes off like grumbling about the "kids today" and how weak and soft they are as opposed to Halberstam's generation.

Interesting snapshot recommended.

Is available through Abebooks.

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