Saturday, September 15, 2007

At the Crossing Places by Kevin Crossley-Holland

At the Crossing Places by Kevin Crossley-Holland is the second book in an young adult trilogy. I read the first book in this series the Seeing Stone years ago. Actually had this on my shelf for all this time I never got around to it. It would be possible to start out with this book there's enough background given describing the first book.

There is a dual narrative one of which is the classic King Arthur legend in the other is the day-to-day trials and tribulations of a squire in 13th century England. The two stories are very loosely connected often there's not much linking them at all. I'm quite familiar with the King Arthur stuff so I was mostly interested in Arthur the squire. He really doesn't do much in this book. Much of the storyline revolves around his discovery that he was adopted and his search for his mother. He is also preparing to go on Crusade. There are quite a few characters which are handled quite effectively. There seems to be very little description which can be frustrating at times.

Crossley-Holland evidently did quite a lot of research on medieval England. I could've wished for some more explanations I was confused by some references, I'm sure readers who didn't have much background in medieval history would be confused also. Perhaps most frustratingly the titular climax actually happens between chapters we only hear about it when characters discuss it I found this rather bizarre.

Mildly recommended I'll probably read the third book in the trilogy at some point but I certainly won't be running out to get it.

Is available through Abebooks.

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