Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Strategy and Power in Russia 1600-1914 by William C. Fuller Jr

Strategy and Power in Russia 1600-1914 by William C. Fuller Jr is a massive history of Russian strategic thought over the last three centuries of czarist Russia. There's coverage of tactics, strategy, grand strategy, the economy and society. I've read general historys that have contained less info about society in Russia than this book.

Fuller deals with Russian wars against Turkey, Poland, The W ar of the the Austrian Succession, Napoleonic Wars, Crimean and war with Japan. Even the smaller wars are given a thorough explanation. I hadn't come across much besides one paragraph summaries on some of these wars.

As far as the analysis goes he takes evident glee at dispelling simplistic explanations for military victory or defeat. He's also particularly hard on the paranoia theory of Russian foreign policy. The idea that the Russians have been preoccupied with foreign invasion.

There are substantial notes and bibliography. Considering references in the text I'm slightly surprised that there isn't a companion volume for the Soviet era. He obviously thought about it since he occasionally makes references to Soviet strategic debates.

Highly recommended!

Is available through Abebooks.

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