Monday, January 12, 2009

Walking Back the Cat by Robert Littell

Walking Back the Cat by Robert Littell is probably the most "popular" of the novel's of Littell that I have read. There are very few literary flourishes. I wonder if there was a tight deadline or if he was otherwise distracted with something else. There are two narrative threads. Parsifal a Soviet agent assassinates people inside the United States. He discovers that after the Cold War he is actually being directed by a rogue CIA outfit. Finn a drifter troubled by his experiences in the First Gulf War finds his way to an Indian tribe whose casino is being shaken down to fund the same group. Parsifal is instructed to get rid of Finn but, they decide to work together.

I liked the characterization, I've said it before I will again, Littell is expert at the telling detail. The characters seem to be real even when there talents are a little out of the ordinary. Parsifal's super sensitive nose for instance.

Highly recommended!

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