Sunday, February 25, 2007

Celts Will Travel Vol. 1 750BC- 5 BC and Vol. 2: 5 BC - 664 AD by John Rea

Celts Will Travel Vol 1 750BC- 5 BC and Vol. 2: 5 BC - 664 AD by John Rea manages to cram a lot of history into two thin volumes. Using archaeological and primary source material the author describes the history of the Celtic people's from prehistory through 664 AD.

One interesting thing is the writing style he uses if the Celts build something is described as "we built a wall" when it's discovered is described as "you discover a wall in 1977". Naturally this takes some getting used to. But it is actually quite neat. There is a lot of citations included which is nice. There's an extensive endnotes and bibliography. Occasionally in the text there's even driving instructions about what roads to take when visiting the museums and archaeological sites. There are lots of illustrations and maps which complement the text.

A very neat presentation, highly recommended!

Is available through Abebooks the below banner will launch a search for both volumes. As of publishing this post there were more copies of volume 2. The two volumes can stand alone.

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