Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Suspects by William J. Caunitz

Suspects by William J. Caunitz is a mystery about the investigation of a policeman murdered in a candy shop. Our hero who has a prosthetic limb must solve the case while dealing with the politics of those in the bureaucracy. At the same time he must confront his disability. The disability leads to a sexual dysfunction which was a little tasteless but it does make sense in the plot of the book. Caunitz's stuff is very atmospheric. The lingo and characters are so spot on its amazing. He did work as a New York cop. The book is rather violent with lots of sex gratuitously so but I don't mind that sort of thing. Everybody is corrupt to one extent or another. But people still do seem to have their own morals about things.

The plot is complex with multiple red herrings but he manages to make things easy-to-follow. A superb mystery.

Highly recommended!

Is available through Abebooks.

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