Monday, February 12, 2007

Why Wikipedia sucks

Over on John Scalzi's blog he has an interesting piece up on Wikipedia's problems. The most interesting part is a comment from one of his readers JC.
I had always thought that it (Wikipedia) strove to be truthful. Nope. Apparently, it strives mainly to be verifiable.
Wikipedia has always irritated me for some reason that I could never really figure out why until I read this post and the comments. I guess it just shows the entire concept is flawed. It's even more fundamental then the ability to vandalize articles at will. Until of course somebody notices. See the Anna Nicole Smith fiasco.

While researching this post came across this interesting tidbit that they maybe running out of money. Since the hard-cores don't want advertising on the pages.

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Vigilante said...


Verifiability is something I can be accused of. Something that laps at the shores of Truth but recedes with the tide.

Meh. Truth is overrated. Fiction is where the money's at.