Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fandom has always had crazy

interesting piece on Claude Degler a crazy science fiction fan from the 1940s. Apparently people compared things to the Nazis even then.

In the outside world we are fighting a war for freedom and democracy — in fandom the P.F.F. has always stood for Democracy and the rights of newer and younger fans, as well as the old timers. I can only say that if this monsterous farce takes place here tonight, it will be a victory for the forces of totalitarianism and reaction all over fandom –- this concerns every reader of stf and fantasy fiction on this planet!
He also believed that science fiction fans also made up a new species that needed to be fostered. This would involve a farm in the Ozarks. Perhaps for a little breeding.... So crazy fans existed well before the advent of LiveJournal and the Internet. It makes you wonder if Homer had fan boys following him around pointing out inaccuracies in the Odyssey.

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