Thursday, May 01, 2008

AbeBooks Affiliate Program moves

I received an e-mail today saying that the AbeBooks Affiliate Program is moving from Commission Junction to DoubleClick Performics. By writes I should be irritated by this because it means that I'll have to change the code on over 300 book review pages but I'm not. The Commission Junction site never actually worked various links on the user profile simply refuse to function. There were broken images everywhere. Truly an embarrassing display. When I had to contact them recently I actually did it through the media contact form simply because no other way actually worked. I fully expect DoubleClick will do much better. I also will probably end up losing a payment of $33 since I'm just short of the minimum payment for JC [$35 to Canada]. Frustrating but somehow that just sums up the entire experience.

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hbowness said...


Thanks for switching over with us to Performics. We feel it will be a positive experience for everyone and we appreciate all the work you're doing to switch over your links.

If you need anything to help facilitate the switch-over, don't hesitate to let me know.

Affiliate Manager