Friday, August 01, 2008

Amazon picks up Abebooks

The book blogs are all in a tizzy over the announcement that Amazon is taking over Abebooks. Apparently the websites will continue to function separately although I wouldn't be surprised if Abebooks listings were appearing on Amazon and vice a versa.

Used book dealers who aren't exactly the most cheerful of people to begin with are naturally enraged. Their irritation with Abebooks is only tempered by their disgust with Amazon. This doesn't stop some of them from listing on both however.

LibraryThing which is 40% owned by Abebooks has posted a statement saying that this doesn't change anything. I do hope that is the case. Only time will tell.

All and all for myself I don't think the sky is falling. If Amazon is too abusive to their cellars or customers, the free market being what it is someone will find a way to exploit that. As long as I don't have to change my over 350 affiliate links I'll be happy..

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