Thursday, August 21, 2008

Considering SomeplacElse by B.L. Lindstrom

Considering SomeplacElse by B.L. Lindstrom is a science fiction novel. The hero of this morality tale is an unemployed white collar type who happens to have precognition. He discovers a website for SomeplacElse. A new kind of business that harnesses the potential inside employees. After some cajoling he finds himself running things. He is up against a stereotypical Republican gubernatorial candidate and a Senator.

The idea of a new corporate structure is quite interesting. How the old system will react to it is also something that could bring up all sorts of conflicts. It just doesn't work. The first 2/5 of the book is taken up with how powerful and creative SomeplacElse is so when the threat to its existence pops up it's not terribly credible. I had that problem worked out a good 20 pages before the main character. The conclusion goes into a metaphysical discussion. The characterization is quite good even minor characters come out three-dimensiona. The book is also very dialogue heavy this didn't bother me but some might find it a little much.

Not recommended.

Note: this book was provided to me for review purposes by a PR outfit.

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