Monday, September 22, 2008

Hailer Publishing reading project

Most of the books I read and review here are either used or remaindered. I don't feel particularly guilty about this. First of all is the often overpriced nature of books particularly in Canada. Second I don't buy into the collective guilt argument that me failing to purchase the latest Jasper Fforde book new is going to cause the end of Western civilization. Authors in food lines, international publishing conglomerates going bankrupt and retailers closing up shop. If the Bush administration hasn't managed that yet I'm not sure how I'm supposed to.

All that being said when it's a niche publisher that puts out quite a bit of material I'm interested in at reasonable prices. I feel a little guilty. Since I have basically finished up my research on the Sudan campaign I have a little more time and cash to play around with. So roughly once a month I'm going to be buying something directly from Hailer Publishing. This also gives me an excuse to get more of their stuff. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this up or if I'll buy everything available, we shall see. There are currently 33 titles in their catalog I already have some of them.

For the month of September I just put in my order for Kingdoms of the Blind: How the great democracies have resumed the follies that so nearly cost them their life. by Dr. Harold William Rood naturally I'll put a review up.

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