Monday, September 29, 2008

Safely Rest by David Colley

Safely Rest by David Colley is a slightly strange history. According to the jacket blurb this is a discussion of the return of American war dead after the second world war. This topic isn't discussed. So I was quite interested to hear about it. There is some material on that but most of the narrative is taken up with a long-winded case study. In the sections about the mechanics of the return of the bodies Colley keeps talking about the universality of death but the case study is quite remarkable. The study follows one family's attempt to learn the truth after their son is listed as killed. The father receives congressional help as well as moving to Europe. Not exactly typical.

Not recommended!


Mustardseed said...

So why isn't it recommended?

jmnlman said...

His case study tended to undermine his argument.