Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Regiment's War by John Dalmas

The Regiment's War by John Dalmas this is the fourth book in a military science fiction series. There's a reason why I try to avoid picking up books in a series other than the first. This is a perfect example. The story as much as I could make out was that there are mercenaries who are regenerated into new bodies but don't always remember what they did in past lives. The plot of this book is the mercenary regiment fighting on a planet against an opposing military. The level of technology that can be used in the conflict is restricted. Sort of a military equivalent of the prime directive. Although it sounds like the restrictions are maintained by the threat of total annihilation, as opposed to the rather peaceful means of Star Trek. The action is done quite well. The characterization is rather stock. There's the usual new member who isn't sure they quite cut it and the grizzled veteran. I probably will get the first book in the series.


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