Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors by Julie H. Ferguson

Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors by Julie H. Ferguson is a short [less than 30,000 words] book on publishing in Canada. Ferguson a public speaker has published several books on writing and on the Canadian Navy. She discusses the various steps to publication through traditional channels [agents and medium-sized presses] and less traditional [POD] providing reasons both pro and con for different types of publishing. For instance she doesn't think much of getting an agent. Most of the information is geared towards nonfiction although their are occasional comments about fiction.

The how-to information is interesting particularly the analysis of the marketplace in Canada and the US. There are some pretty substantial differences between the two. The major Canadian publishers would be considered medium sized compared with the American conglomerates. I was surprised to hear that they apparently except material from authors directly. There's a list of suggested further reading as well as examples of query letters.


Note: this book was provided through Mini Book Expo.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. There are relatively few books out there for us Canadian writers and we're often led astray by advice intended for American writers.

The book editing course I took a few years ago said essentially the same thing in terms of Canadian publisher size compared to American. The view on agents was the same as well. I also found it interesting to learn that agents aren't really used much within Canada, though if you want to sell into the States then Canadians should get an agent (but an American one).