Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Postmortem on Canadian election

So let's see here how I did:
  • Conservative minority. Correct
  • Liberals and Conservatives both have fewer MPs after tomorrow.Wrong
  • NDP will not be official opposition. Correct
  • The Greens will not win a seat.Correct
  • Increasingly loud rumblings will be heard from the West that Stephen Harper sold out to Ontario and Qu├ębec and still couldn't get the job done. Only time will tell
  • Dion out, Trudeau in the on deck circle. Only time will tell
It looks like this is going to be a race between Stephen Harper and the economy. If the economy recovers before the next election then he probably has a pretty good chance at a majority. If not then it will probably be over for him. The timeline is mostly in the hands of the Liberals do they want to get rid of Dion at this stage. I bet the answer to that is yes now how long is it going to take to make him understand that.

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