Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Honour Redeemed by Tom Connery

Honour Redeemed by Tom Connery is a rather lousy piece of historical fiction. Lieutenant George Markham is the hero in this second book of a trilogy. He gets himself embroiled in Corsican politics during a British landing in 1794. The British are trying to seize control of the territory and push out the French. There are plots and counter plots, quite a bit of deception on all sides. The plot is actually done quite well it's fast-paced.

There are problems however. Connery's characters all seem to have the same two emotions incandescent rage and lust Markham spends an impressive amount of time arguing with superiors. Not that his Marines listen to him either. As for the lust Markham considers it his prerogative to do every female he comes across. Curiously they are all on the verge of popping out of their corsets. Historical accuracy is done with the occasional info dump. There lots of mistakes I could get into but what's the point.

Not recommended!

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